Configuring a computer for Stytra experiments

By default, Stytra checks the user folder (on Windows usually C:/Users/user_name, ~ on Unix-based systems) for the stytra_setup_config.json file. You can put default settings for the current computer in it, specifying the e.g. saving format, camera type and ROI, full-screen stimulus display and anything else that is specified when instantiating Stytra .

An example is provided below:


"display": {"full_screen": true},
"dir_save": "J:/_Shared/experiments",
"dir_assets": "J:/_Shared/stytra_resources",
"log_format": "hdf5",
"camera": {"type": "ximea", "rotation":-1, "roi":[0, 0, 784, 784]},
"tracking": {"method":"fish"},
"embedded" : false